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Do you have unsightly skin tags?

Our prices are far below what a dermatologist would charge. Performed by a Doctor using our Laser .  In your correspondence, please indicate the approximate number of tags and their general location(s) 

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Do you have unsightly Facial, Hand, and Body Age Spots? Also known as Brown Spots

Our laser is specifically designed to fade away your Facial, Hand,  and Body Age/Brown  Spots. It is the "Gold Standard "  in the industry 

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Melasma appears  on your face as brown pigmentation and his caused by hormone fluxuations mainly in women. It is found on your forehead and cheeks. It is sometimes referred to as "pregnancy mask" .  Our laser is the only one  certified to treat Melasma.

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Our prices give you the best value

Doctor performed

Safe, Effective & no down time

Free Consultation

Our skin tag laser out-performs all other lasers in the industry; it is considered the "gold standard" 

NOTE:  we do not do facial skin tags


No down time, safe, and effective.

USUALLY 1 session, maximum 3 sessions 


F.L. Newmarket

"...I had tags on my neck and and underarms...the laser zapped them pretty good...didn't even hurt..." 

K.Q. Aurora

"...fabulous place to get your tags removed...I highly recommend it..."

C.C. Newmarket

"...the other clinic wanted $400 to do my skin tags..are you kidding me?...this clinic was great and gave me the best price..."

I.P. Bradford

"...I had about 15 skin tags to be removed...small ones too...the laser worked great...small ones came off too..." 

A.R. Newmarket

"...this place is the best...the Dr. was very caring and explained the procedure to me..."  

P.G. Newmarket

"...very nice and clean place...staff was excellent..."

what are skintags?

Skin tags are small growths that can be the same colour of the skin or darker.

They are formed on the face, neck, chest, underarms ,and groin.

During then treatment, a laser almost touches the skin surface and the tag falls off immediately or within two days  


How does the laser work in taking off skin tags?

Quite simply, it causes the tag to shrink, and it will fall off either immediately or within a few days.

Does it hurt?

Most of our clients have expressed that it feels like a soft rubber ban hitting the skin.

Is there blood?

In some cases, there may be blood. But we have the necessary precautions to deal with it should it bleed. 

Who does the treatment?

It is done by a doctor with  many years experience.  

What causes skin tags?

Skin tags are benign lesions which occur do to friction on the skin over time. This can be caused for example, by wearing a chain, wearing a  bra , or wearing glasses.

How much does it cost?

At our clinic, we feel our price is the best in York Region. We strive at making it affordable. Please scroll down to "price"


10 TAGS OR LESS.....$185

(if it's 1 or two-ish tags, ask the doctor for a discount)



If a second treatment session is required, than it's 50% off the first price you paid

Should you require a third session, it's 75% off  the first session you paid.

Note:The majority of patients usually require one session.

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