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If you feel comfortable, send us a picture for a quote, otherwise come in ...consultation is free


Free consultation  Because not everyone is a candidate, we offer a no-obligation assessment. Save yourself a trip in, and send usa picture and we can determine if you are a viable candidate.

Spectra Laser is the only laser certified to treat Melasma   Our laser is considered the "gold standard" in the industry for Melasma treatment

Same day appointments With our extended hours, we can fit into your schedule.

Docter performed  The doctor has been treating Melasma for many years. He is compassionate, dedicated, and caring. He won't give up until the Melasma has faded.

This treatment works  Our results speak for themselves. Please see our teatimonials and before /after pictures. 


Ms. M.M. Aurora.

"...I had given up using lightening creams...they never really worked. I tried the Melama Clinic and the results were great..."


Ms. M.I.Newmarket  

"...I had Melasma since having my children...Dr. Brian used the laser and it was the only thing that faded the spots..."

Ms. L.V. Aurora 

"I got fed up using lightening creams...they didn't work...throw away those useless  creams...the Spectra Laser was the only thing that worked..."

Ms. P.K. Bradford 

'...the brown patches on my skin stated after my third pregnancy was on my forehead and upper lip...the laser did a nice job fading it.."


What is Melasma?   

This is a skin pigment disorder(hyperpigmentation) which occurs in patches and is often caused by fluxuationsin hormones. It commonly affects cheeks, forehead, nose, jawline, and upper lip. It can be exacerbated by oral contraceptives and exposure to sun and heat.

How does the laser work? 

When applied properly, the laser will lighten thr pigmentation to the point where it will blend with the normal colour of your skin. Also, one of the best aspects of this laser is the fact it can be saftley used on all skin types.

How many treatments are required?

 The number of sessions is dependent on how deep the Melasma is.  

There are 3 forms of Melasma:

epidermal (superficial); 

dermal (deep);

and mixed. 

Usually anywhere from 3 to 15 sessions about 1-2 times per week. The deeper the pigmentation, the more sessions required.  


How much does it cost?

If you send us a picture, or if you come in person, the doctor will determine how deep the pigmentation is. This determination will correspond to the price. The more sessions required, the less will be charged per session in order to keep the overall price affordable. Please see below for price list 

Is the consultation free?


Does the laser hurt?

 The vast majority of our clients have never expressed that the laser was painful. 



 1 to 5 sessions ...$125 per session

The next 6 to 10 sessions (if required)...$110 per session

The next 11 to 15 sessions( if required)...$95 per session

Video of Melasma Laser procedure

This video illustrates  a shortened presentation 

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