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Ms. F.I. Newmarket

"...this laser was grear...faded the brown spots on my face...I highly recommend this treatment for great results...".

Ms. L.K. Aurora

"...I had one big spot on my face...the laser took it off, no pain too..."

Mr. O.S. Bradford

I had a lot of spots on my back and arms...Dr. Brian made them diappear...highly recommend..."

Ms. L.M.

"...I had spots all over my hands...the laser worked...took off all the spots ...I was so thrilled..."

Ms. D.Z. Newmarket

"...the brown spots were on my hands and legs for a long was a relief that they all faded...thank you..." 

Ms. J.P. Toronto

" brown spots looked bad...I finally found this laser procedure which worked great..."


How many sessions does it take?

Usually it takes between 1-3 sessions aproximately 30 days apart

How does it work?

The laser will fade the brown pigment by absorbing it. The darker the pigment, the better effect. Lighter s[ots may take more than 1 session. The depth of the pigment will also be a factor

How much does it cost?

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Age Spot Removal Clinic

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